21. (21) – The Crippled God, by Steven Erikson

10 Books, 11,000+ pages and 3,325,000 words. Malazan Book of the Fallen was a colossal undertaking but it delivered over and over again. The Crippled God was a fittingly epic conclusion to an unapparelled epic series. The book delivered so many incredible sequences throughout with its trademark humor, action, and philosophy. So many of my favorite characters received fitting send-offs and Erikson wrapped everything up in a satisfactory fashion.

If you’re this far into the series, there aren’t many plot points I need to rehash. Hell, all of this is set up by Dust of Dreams. Everyone has a good idea of the stakes of what is to come. The emotional climaxes of this novel are spectacular, and the action is as good as ever. So, instead of a typical summary, let me conclude the series with some rankings:

Ranking of Novels:
(The Elite)
1. Memories of Ice
2. Midnight Tides
3. The Crippled God
4. The Bonehunters
5. Deadhouse Gates

My initial ranking had The Bonehunters ahead of The Crippled God.  I ended up giving The Crippled God the edge because of the incredible accomplishment of finishing up a 10-book series in such a satisfying manner. 

(Excellent but Flawed)
6. Reaper’s Gale
7. Dust of Dreams
8. House of Chains
9. Gardens of the Moon

(Slow but incredible climax)
10. Toll the Hounds

Favorite Characters:
1. Tehol
2. Hellian
3. Pores
4. Cottillion
5. Apsalar
6. Bugg
7. Itkovian
8. Mappo
9. Tavore Paran
10. Karsa Orlong

Best Prologue: Memories of Ice

Best segments:
1. The Bonehunters at Y’ghatan, The Bonehunters
2. The Siege of Capustan, MoI
3. Outside Aren, DHG
4. Rhulad’s rebirth, MoI
5. The Climax of the Crippled God

Favorite Moments:
1. Tehol’s letter to Byrs. CG
2. Gruntle rallies the soldiers in Capustan, MoI
3. Iktovian’s embrace of the T’lan Imass, MoI
4. Kalam chooses to flea with Tavor, The Bonehunters
5. Stormy tackles Sinn off the stairs, Gesler fights Sister Reverences, CG

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