20. (20) – The Name of the Wind, by Patrick Rothfuss

If you want beautiful prose, it’s hard to imagine better than Rothfuss.  Rothfuss grabs you from the get-go with a gorgeous prologue, as he describes the absolute silence at the Waystone Inn.  Throughout this meandering, coming-of-age, tale that beautiful writing never relents.  This is a truly gorgeous book.

The story begins at the Waystone Inn ran by the story’s protagonist, Kvothe. Kvothe was a legend but now spends his days hiding away working at his Inn. He is recognized by a chronicler whose life he saves and is convinced to tell his life story.

The Name of the Wind then largely deals with Kvothe as a young man 14-16 range. We learn of how Kvothe is introduced to magic and how he excels at the University that specializes in it. I think the physics of how magic works in Rothfuss’s world is fascinating and unique.  Everything about the world has been meticulously thought out by Rothfuss.

Much of how this story will eventually play out is known (or at least we think we know). We know from Kvothe some of the great feats he has accomplished (or at least the legends about him), we know he is going to become a legend, we know he is going to fade into a secluded life. So, this is about the journey and the journey is full of fun scenes, memorable characters, mistakes, risks, and humor.  We’re waiting on one last novel in this series.  The wait hasn’t been short, but the journey has been worth it. 

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