22. (22) – Persepolis Rising, by James S.A. Corey

The 7th book in the Expanse gives the reader a reset as this book starts with a significant time jump for the first time in the series. We are left with all our favorite characters significantly older with different perspectives and experiences.  And it works, as you can tell by my ranking.  I loved this book.  It’s my second favorite in an incredible series that finds every novel in my top 100. 

The conflict feels bigger, and the antagonists really resonated with me. They were compelling in their ambition and strategy. So much of the first 6 novels built toward this one. The protomolecule has been used you new ends and our heroes must deal with the consequences. The mysteries from events long ago come back to the forefront. And maybe the series’ biggest mystery still looms.  This novel works both as the natural progression of everything that came before and as incredible setup for the enormous extraterrestrial conflict at the center of the entire series.  That’s an amazing accomplishment.

Felan’s Rescue is now available on Audiobook!

Felan’s Rescue is now available in Ebook form (and Kindle Unlimited), Hardback, and Paperback!

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