Seventh Contact

Galactic Civilizations: Book 3

Another alien species has achieved interstellar flight, and the League of Galactic Civilizations is waiting to greet them.  But without warning, the alien colony ship disappears.  Now the League is on edge, fearful the disappearance could reopen hostilities that led to the Galaxy Wars of the last fifteen hundred years. 

While the League debates what to do, General Dash Cricken and the crew of The Prometheus try to solve the mystery of the disappearing ship and prevent a galaxy on the brink from falling back into war.  But their investigation puts them in peril as many want the mystery of the disappearing ship to remain unsolved.  No matter what happens, the galaxy will never be the same.

Seventh Contact is the third novel in the Galactic Civilizations series, building on the events of Felan’s Rescue and The Descendants of Prontoth, while taking the reader on a new adventure, exploring new corners of the galaxy, and getting a better understanding of the alien species that populate it.  

Felan’s Rescue is available in Ebook form (and Kindle Unlimited), AudiobookHardback, and Paperback!

The Descendants of Prontoth is available as an Ebook (and Kindle Unlimited), Audiobook, hardback and paperback!

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