The Descendants of Prontoth

Galactic Civilizations: Book 2

An eight hundred-year, galaxy spanning hunt nears its conclusion setting up a confrontation thousands of years in the making.  See how one decision, thousands of years before, can shape the entire course of galactic history. 

For eight hundred years Timion High Command has hunted the Descendants of Prontoth across the galaxy.  Wars were fought, lives were lost, but the Descendants of Prontoth remained at large.  Hamron Modestus knows Timion High Command has been doing it wrong.  Their quest for revenge made them blind to the allies they would need to bring the Descendants of Prontoth to justice.  In his new position of power, Modestus is on their trail, ready to succeed where High Command had failed.

Caught in the middle of this inevitable confrontation is retired General Dash Cricken and the entire crew of the Prometheus.  Dash and his crew discover evidence of a secret alliance formed to bring down the Descendants of Prontoth.  The crew of the Prometheus are caught in the crosshairs of Timion High Command, forced to defend themselves against the hunter on their trail and dissension within their own ranks.  Any failure could jeopardize everything they have worked toward. 

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The Descendants of Prontoth is available as an Ebook (and Kindle Unlimited), Audiobook, hardback and paperback!

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