Galactic Civilizations Series

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Seven Alien Species have achieved interstellar flight. These are the Seven Galactic Civilizations. War has plagued the galaxy for nearly 1500 years, but treaties have been signed and peace has finally come. There are more than 90 other intelligent species that have yet to achieve interstellar flight. General Dash Cricken and the crew of the Prometheus are trying to protect those developing civilizations from interference.

But old hostilities between the Galactic Civilizations linger and Dash and his crew find themselves caught in the thick of it. The Galactic Civilizations series is far-future science fiction in the spirit of Iain M. Banks and Vernor Vinge, but with a more Scalzian feel. It is tentatively set to be a 6-book series, but each novel should be relatively self-contained and there is plenty of room to expand the universe beyond 6 books down the road.

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Because writing is influenced by the books we love, I reviewed my favorite 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy novels so my readers (and potential readers) can get an idea of my taste.