71. (71) – The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi

The Windup Girl is Dystopian Science Fiction at its very best. The world created is vivid and incredibly interesting. The biological epidemics that scare everyone and the paranoia that results are very well drawn out. Bacigalupi creates a fascinating picture of future Thailand, a country that continues to pride itself on its ability to keep the foreign “calorie” companies out. Calorie companies make their money by creating new strains of food. In this world genetic engineering is not only the norm, it seems necessary.

The story is told from multiple perspectives but the title character is a genetically engineered person, brought up to obey. Every instinct inside her is to do what she is told. Her journey throughout the book is just one of many fascinating plots, but there are plenty of others. My personal favorite character was the Tiger of Bangkok. Nearly every scene involving him was excellent. I highly recommend this book to any who have a love of Dystopian science fiction. I think it’s better than Brave New World, better than the Hunger Games, and better than 1984. Just a tremendous read.

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