72. (72) – The Hero of the Ages, by Brandon Sanderson

This is undoubtedly a very satisfying conclusion to a very fun and interesting fantasy series. The juxtaposition from how we view Lord Ruler in book 1 v. how we view him in book 3 is a great illustration of how Sanderson managed to build on his ideas while keeping the logic of the magic and worldbuilding consistent. Sanderson continues to write incredible action sequences and interesting characters we care about.

I must admit I sometimes skimmed through some of the internal monologues but everything else is so enjoyable and the series as a whole fits together like a perfectly constructed puzzle. I waited to plow into Sanderson for several years because fans of fantasy swear by him and this series did not disappoint. This is a fun series that all fans of the genre should read. I look forward to diving into more Sanderson in the years to come.

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