70. (70) – Reaper’s Gale, by Steven Erikson

This is the 7th book in Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen and Erikson continues to deliver at an exceptional level.  He always manages to give you something new that you’ve never read before.  My critiques of Reaper’s Gale are small in that I think some of the build-up took a bit too long and one of the plot threads ended up being pretty disconnected from everything else (though that thread was interesting enough). That’s pretty much it.

Everything about the Malazan invasion was amazing. I continue to love reading the Hellian stuff in particular. Tehol and Bugg are the funniest duo in epic fantasy, making me smile or laugh nearly every time they are on the page. I blasted through the last 300 pages as everything converges (a common theme in an Erikson novel). This series makes you work but it is one rewarding book after another.  

(Felan’s Rescue Available in all formats August 19, 2022. E-book Preorders Available now)

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