27. (27) – Tiamat’s Wrath, by James S.A. Corey

It’s the 8th book out of 9 in the Expanse series and the quality of the series doesn’t drop a bit.  The threat of Laconia is central to the story but the series-defining threat building since the introduction of the protomolecule in book 1 trumps everything else. Our favorite characters get great moments and the table is set for a dazzling conclusion in book 9.

I can see why this is the best-reviewed in the series on goodreads (though all get really solid reviews).  Not much else to say about an 8th book in a 9-book series without giving too much away from the earlier books, but if you’ve gone this far in the series this surely won’t disappoint.

Felan’s Rescue is now available on Audiobook!

Felan’s Rescue is now available in Ebook form (and Kindle Unlimited), Hardback, and Paperback!

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