28. (28) –  The Two Towers, by J.R.R. Tolkein

It’s the best of the three Lord of the Rings novels (it’s also the best of the excellent movies).  Not burdened by the formation of the quest and travelogue of Fellowship and without a seemingly disconnected story like the scouring of the Shire in Return of the King, the Two Towers has little waste and is a tour de force of incredible moments.  From Frodo and Sam’s journey, to the meeting of the Ents, to all the incredible action in Rohan, this one never lets up.  The story in fact had so many incredible moments that the movie moved a couple to Return of the King.

            The novel is divided into two main parts.  The first is the happenings in Rohan where Saruman’s influence is felt throughout the kingdom.  The second is the journey of Sam and Frodo, as they try to get to Mordor to destroy the ring of power.  Both parts are full of great action and compelling characters.  Gollum’s role in this one is huge and so crucial to the story.  I also was a huge fan of Faramir from the beginning.  The Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece, and The Two Towers is the best of the three. 

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