36. (36) – The Obelisk Gate / The Stone Sky, by N.K. Jemisin

Another cheat.  Since these books are similar level and are back-to-back books in a trilogy…they join together at 36.  This is a spectacular trilogy.  One of the best trilogies of all time.  These are the second and third novels in the trilogy, two novels that deliver on the promise of the utterly brilliant, The Fifth Season. 

The Obelisk Gate is an incredible sequel that builds on the brilliance of book 1. The world is uniquely realized and the characters both true to that world and relatable to the reader. The prejudices between types of people in this world feel real in a completely relatable way.

We continue to follow Essun as she develops her abilities hoping to find her daughter and possibly save the world from thousands of years of winter. We get to spend time with her daughter half a continent away as she uses her growing abilities to survive threats from her resentful father and the guardians in the north.

The Stone Sky, the final book in Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy, lived up to the promise of the first two. The stakes were just as high, and the central character continued to work perfectly as she has throughout. The unique point of view Jemisin chose to use in writing the series makes sense as the series reaches its fascinating conclusion. If you’ve read the first two, I’m sure you’re finishing the series without my review. However, if you haven’t read the series, rest assured it works from book 1 through book 3 and the end is satisfying in all the right ways.

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