37. (37) – Ilium, by Dan Simmons

I am guessing I have this novel ranked higher than most, but I absolutely adored it.  You would think Simmons going back to the well of blending classic literature with science fiction in the most literal sense couldn’t work again, but it did.  Ilium blends the Iliad and Science Fiction brilliantly. 

Hockenberry is a scholar “Scholic” observing the trojan war being played out in real life and reports about it to the Gods.  But obviously, this is Science Fiction and something else is going on.  The way Simmons can connect the pieces of the story (and the other point of views) to give us both the appreciation of the classics and the telling of a new, unique science fiction story, is something to behold.  Simmons’ science fiction is so unique and maybe not for everyone, but if it connects with you it will stay with you.  Ilium is no exception.

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