58. (58) – The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson

It’s the first book in Sanderson’s massive Stormlight Archive series (and also the only one I’ve read to date).  Several fantasy readers raved to me about this series so when I finished Malazan I thought it would be a good chance to dive into another epic journey.

Once again Sanderson’s world-building stands out. So much thought and craft went into creating Roshar, its environment, magic, political/religious systems, and history. Sanderson lets you explore and learn the world with far more nuance than he did in Mistborn. He doesn’t over-explain and trusts the reader to pick things up as he or she goes.

Things fit well, the characters were engaging and as the story moved to its climax, I found myself not wanting to put it down. My only complaints are minor. I thought it was slow at times with the three main stories all seeming like setup for what’s to come. As a novel, it resolves little and sets up a ton. For a series of 5 novels (or 10 depending on how you view it) this isn’t a big complaint, but I am used to Erickson’s ability to make each novel feel complete on its own.  I still can’t wait to continue with this series. The love fantasy readers have for Sanderson is well earned.

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