59. (59) – A Conjuring of Light, by V.E. Schwab

This novel picks up where book 2 left off throwing you right into the midst of the central conflict of the series. It’s a fast-paced, action-packed, thrill ride the entire time. The novel honestly plays like one giant climax to the three-book series. Where book 1 straddled the three London’s and both book 1 and 2 had major showdowns in White London, book three takes place almost entirely in Red London. It is there where magic is strongest, where we get our best glimpse into the system Schwab created.

But it’s the characters that drive the story. I’m going to miss Lila and Kell and Rhy. I loved all the Holland development this novel in particular gave us. This isn’t the typical fantasy I dive into, but I have been thrilled that I did. If you enjoyed the first two books, you’ll surely be satisfied with this conclusion to this intriguing, easily readable, trilogy.

Felan’s Rescue is now available on Audiobook!

Felan’s Rescue is now available in Ebook form (and Kindle Unlimited), Hardback, and Paperback!

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