66. (66) – Excession, by Iain M. Banks

This is the first book Banks has written in the Culture Universe where it’s probably best if you have some background on the Culture before you start delving into it (start with one of the first three published novels).  Like all Banks’ Culture books, Excession stands alone in the sense that it is a self-contained story, but I think it would be a much easier read if you were already familiar with the Culture universe. I also believe Excession is not quite to the level of Consider Phlebas, The Player of Games and Use of Weapons so it simply makes sense to start with those (though many Banks fans consider Excession to be the best novel in the Culture universe…it’s really good).

All that being said, Excession really gets you more immersed in the politics of the Universe…particularly the minds. Like all of Banks’ work it is still fascinating and still full of incredibly exciting action scenes. Banks once again demonstrates an ability to create an original alien species with his descriptions of the Affront.  If you are a Banks fan, I do not think this book will let you down, but again if you are unfamiliar with Banks, it is probably best to start somewhere else.   

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