67. (67) – Jade City, by Fonda Lee

Jade City is a unique twist on fantasy with the plot taking place in a modernish world, where gangs dominate the city at issue and a mysterious magical mineral called Jade is at the center of it all. Lee does an incredible job of playing into the mystery of Jade, not info-dumping all at once, but allowing the reader to understand it by various characters’ interactions with it as the story moves forward.

The characters all feel unique and real and the universe feels lived in and truly fleshed out. The story moves, wasting little time, particularly once through the first section where it moves at a breakneck pace. Combining fantasy, gangster stories, and family dramas, Jade City is a unique modern fantasy, the first in a series I look forward to continuing soon.

(Felan’s Rescue Available in all formats August 19, 2022. E-book Preorders Available now)

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