Stargun Messenger, by Darby Harn

I picked up this book almost entirely because of this review from JamReads, which is excellent, and you should read if you are thinking about picking up this book. I was honestly kind of lost at times with what was happening. Living stars threw me and at times I had a hard time picturing the action, the characters and the general setting. Maybe that’s just the way I read.

But here the thing… it didn’t matter that much. This is so much a story about identity, discovering yourself, and loyalty to others. The character work, particularly with Astra Idari and CR-UX, is magnificent. There are layers to what is going on and the author does a great job building on them. I predicted one of those character twists pretty early, but I’d say that’s because it made sense it the way the author was writing the book. It’s not so much a “twist” as a character complication that is well set up and defines the novel.

The minor character work is also good, with complicated antagonists (and side characters) Idari must interact with and deal with. This a story of love and self-discovery and it’s very well told. This is very different from many stories I’ve read, but a worthy choice if you’re looking for great descriptive writing, and exemplary character work.

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