Wool, by Hugh Howey

I read all kinds of Fantasy and Science fiction, but dystopian isn’t typically my favorite. However, Howey’s Silo series has repeatedly been discussed as one of the best self-published series of all time, and the first book, Wool, did not disappoint. I loved this book. It felt different than nearly everything I read. The structure of the Silo and the world these characters inhabit are slowly revealed as two of our main characters make their way down the Silo, toward the bottom floors to hire a new “sheriff”. And the world is expertly explored.

More than that, the structure was something I didn’t exactly expect. It starts as a story for the current Sheriff, then moves on to a story about the hiring of a new sheriff, and then deals with the consequences and moves against that new sheriff. With each new story, the main character shifts (for pretty clear reasons), and it works wonderfully. All the while the mystery of the Silo remains, the suspense builds. People are dying and there is something behind it all. The tension is ever-present, making the book nearly impossible to put down.

I’m already plowing through Shift (book 2). I just need to know what happens next and just what the hell is going on. That’s a credit to the great story Howey has created.

Felan’s Rescue is available on Audiobook!

Felan’s Rescue is available in Ebook form (and Kindle Unlimited), Hardback, and Paperback!

The Descendants of Prontoth (Galactic Civilizations Book 2) is now available on Audiobook!

The Descendants of Prontoth is now available as an Ebook (and on Kindle Unlimited) hardback and paperback!

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