3. (3) – A Storm of Swords, by George R. R. Martin

I don’t think I’ve ever read a novel where so many incredible scenes and sequences occurred over the course of the novel.  With a Storm of Swords, George R R Martin’s epic masterpiece gets better and better. It’s the third and best installment of A Song of Ice and Fire to date.  It was a long book, with absolutely nothing wasted.  It never dragged.  You were always on edge, yearning to see what happened next.

So many of the plots that have moved forward throughout the series come to a head. I am going to assume those reading this review have read at least the first two books in the series… (if not stop reading). This story has a strong focus on Jon Snow and his interactions with the wildlings which builds and continues to be a brilliant subplot. I love all of his interactions with Ygritte “You know nothing Jon Snow.”

As we left off from A Clash of Kings, Tyrion has saved Kings Landing (with the help of his Lord Father coming at the last second). In this story, we get a far greater understanding of where Tyrion came from. The book brings us up close with Cersei and Lord Tywin and allows the reader to gain perspective from Jaime Lannister (his scenes are among the best in this novel). I would say of my 10 favorite scenes in the series 6 are in this book (and that is not to take away from any other books which have great scenes). In this book, Arya’s plot really starts to pick up.   Never mind the famously epic scene with its own name.  I know many are frustrated we don’t have a book series end to ASOIAF, but we got A Storm of Swords, and in that, we are all very lucky.

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