25. (25) – Before They Are Hanged, by Joe Abercrombie

I mentioned before that Abercrombie is my favorite fantasy offer, so it may surprise people that this is the only novel from the original First Law trilogy on my list (the other two weren’t far off).  The Blade Itself took a while for the plot to get going and built to a typical quest fantasy trope.  In Before They Are Hanged the plot is clear, it moves, and Abercrombie begins to turn typical quest fantasy tropes on their head. 

Before They Are Hanged is three different stories one a quest to find the seed that allows the Magi to bring magic from “the other side”, an investigation to uncover a treasonous plot and defend a city, and a war in the north where unexplained happenings are a major factor. I felt each story worked well in its own way. 

The thing Abercrombie does better than anyone in fantasy is write incredible characters, and this novel was no exception.  Our main characters all get great moments.  We get introduced to the Dogman for the first time and of course, Nicomo Cosca is introduced.  Cosca for me is an all-time character and is one of the highlights of the novel.  The First Law trilogy is mostly excellent, but this novel is its crown jewel. 

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