44. (44) – The Collapsing Empire, by John Scalzi; The Last Emperox, by John Scalzi

I’ve already reviewed the middle novel in this series…I’m combining these two because I view them as near equals and I added The Last Emperox after I began creating this list, so it’s a new addition and this lets me keep the rankings the same.  (I make the rules). 

                Depending on the day, I could rank either of these books (and the next book on my list) as my favorite Scalzi Novel.  The Collapsing Empire throws the reader headfirst in a brand new Scalzi series, premised around a galactic civilization thriving because of the Flow.  The Flow is a really cool idea, and the setup of the Interdependency is the perfect setup for the central problem it creates. Scalzi as usual writes compellingly entertaining characters. Kiva Lagos is now my all-time favorite Scalzi character. She’s vulgar in all the best ways, but incredibly capable. This novel flew by and made me eager to purchase the next two. 

                The Last Emperox concludes the Interdependency Series.  It hit all the right notes and rewarded the reader with an interesting resolution. Old Man’s War brought Scalzi to the scene and he’s written thoroughly entertaining novels in that universe since then, but I truly believe this series captured the best of Scalzi-style Space Opera. If you’re looking for fun modern space opera with interesting ideas, and engaging characters, but a relatively simple and easy-to-follow style, Scalzi is as good as there is. I’ve never been disappointed in one of his novels. I always fly through them and enjoy the ride.

The Last Emperox was no exception and rivals anything he’s put out. I’m going to miss the characters of the Interdependency from the Emperox, to scientists, to the compelling antagonists. And I’m especially going to miss Kiva Lagos, one of the all-time great supporting characters.

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