48.  (48) – The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkein

Speaking of Fellowship, the opening Lord of the Rings novel comes in just above the concluding one.  This is a quintessential start the journey/quest novel that for decades nearly every fantasy novel tried to emulate.  I love the symmetry with The Hobbit, starting with a party (this time an expected one).  Almost immediately, we know this will be much different than The Hobbit.  The tone much more serious, the stakes much higher. 

The journey parts of these quest fantasies are usually my least favorite, but Tolkein handles it deftly, though with some digressions I could do without (I’m talking about you Tom Bombadil).  And once we enter the Mines of Moria the novel takes off to an incredible conclusion that had me needing to immediately start The Two Towers (which you probably guessed by now is my favorite of the trilogy).  

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