61. (61) – Iron Gold, by Pierce Brown

Iron gold is another adrenaline-filled, nonstop story, set in the Red Rising universe and involving many of the characters we have grown to love.  It’s separate from the Initial Trilogy but meant to be read after.  Pierce Brown continues to engage the reader from the get-go with a story that moves and begs the reader to keep going.

He expands the point of view beyond Darrow for the first time, which is a welcome addition expanding the scope and giving the reader new perspective in this universe. The end, much like the end to Golden Sun leaves us wanting to know what happens next but does enough to resolve aspects of the novel to not feel cheated.  Few Science Fiction authors have Brown’s flair for action-filled drama.  These books are always a treat.

Felan’s Rescue is now available on Audiobook!

Felan’s Rescue is now available in Hardback and Paperback!

(Felan’s Rescue Available in all formats August 19, 2022. E-book Preorders Available now)

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