64. (64) – Look to Windward, by Iain M. Banks

Once again Iain M Banks takes us to the Culture Universe and delivers an incredibly interesting book. Look to Windward is probably Banks’ most introspective and least action-packed book among the Culture novels, but at the heart of the book is war and its effect on those who have been involved. The Chelgrian were another believable and very interesting alien species, and it is their dealings in response to what the Culture deemed a mistake on their part that is the central focus of the story.

Much of this story takes place on a Culture Orbital where Banks paints the best picture he has to date of everyday life in the Culture. There are quite a few references in this book to the Idiran-Culture War so it is probably best to read this book after you have at least read Consider Phlebas (though I’d recommend reading at least the first three Culture books in publication order to begin with). If you enjoy Banks’ science fiction writing and particularly the Culture, you will likely very much enjoy this book. 

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