76.  (76) – Cibola Burn, by James S.A. Corey

This was book four and the series just kept hitting on all cylinders.  In Abaddon’s Gate, the ancient gates were opened up to thousands of worlds.  This story deals with the mysteries of one of those worlds and the competing interests of people trying to claim ownership of it.

Like all of the books in the series, there is plenty of action, mystery, and intrigue. The characters continue to be engaging and the plot moves along very quickly.  We get great resolution to a lot of the Miller/Holden stuff and this novel has some of my favorite Amos Burton moments in the series.  The mysteries and much of the way they are resolved in this book and Abaddon’s Gate are central to huge arc of the last three novels at the end.  That’s just great series planning from the authors. 

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