79. (79)- A Declaration of the Rights of Magicians, by H.G. Parry

It’s the French Revolution with magic. And it works so well. You’ll find yourself wanting to review the history of the French Revolution as you’re reading but I recommend refraining until the end (the first thing I did after finishing was read up on Robespierre).

Commoners are not allowed to use magic but simultaneously people in England and France are trying to bring about reforms to change that. In England, those reforms are slow and done through the legislative process, but in France, they come from Revolution. At the same time reformers try to abolish slavery but the process is painfully slow. The weaving of historical figures into a story about magic works so well because Parry clearly cares about the history. But my favorite part is the relationship between some of these characters. The friendship between Pitt and Wilberforce really stands out. I highly recommend this book. 

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