84. (84)- The Well of Ascension, by Brandon Sanderson

The Well of Ascension is a worthy sequel to The Final Empire. I found it better in some ways and weaker in others but nonetheless a great reading experience. The novel doesn’t have the narrative focus or momentum of The Final Empire. It’s longer and meanders in ways its predecessor never did. However, it expands the mystery and scope of the novel in fascinating ways.

It’s clear Sanderson understands his universe and knows how to build with each novel (and each scene really). This novel adds new allomantic skills that make the action scenes even better.

Most of the story is centered around the political maneuvers to deal with 3 armies converging on Luthadel. Central to that is a new Mistborn and Vin’s complicated relationship with him. Vin deals with many insecurities. Many times, I was frustrated by her decision making but that was surely the point. The last 200 or so pages are a tour de force of action and discovery setting up the epic conclusion to the trilogy.

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