90. (90) –  Endymion / The Rise of Endymion, by Dan Simmons

Another cheat as it is hard for me to differentiate between these two novels, which make up the back half of Simmions’ brilliant Hyperion Cantos.  It takes place almost three centuries after the Fall of Hyperion but follows a hunting guide name Raul Endymion and Aenea (a 12-year-old who emerges from the time tombs) as they flee the oppressive, religious galactic government.  They flee along a river through a series of portals taking them from world to world.  It’s a lot to describe and though a separate story, builds a ton on the first two novels, but it’s great Science Fiction. 

The Rise of Endymion is a direct sequel that keeps much of the feel of the previous novel.  The Pax continues to pursue Aenea and Raul as Aenea moves toward fulfilling her destiny.   There’s so much to unpack in the Hyperion Cantos as a whole, but I highly recommend these books to all Science Fiction fans. 

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