99.  (99) –  Dust of Dreams, by Steven Erikson

It’s the 9th novel in the Malazan Book of the Fallen Series, so don’t go picking this one up on my recommendation (do pick up Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates and read them in quick succession).  You’ll find 7 of the 10 novels from Malazan on this list.  The series is great, it’s unique, it’s different than anything else I’ve read. 

Erikson warns you immediately that this novel is part one, of his massive conclusion to the ten book series. Part 1 chalks in at nearly 1300 pages (mass market paperback), but despite this novel having extensive buildup, I enjoyed in thoroughly. The focus is Malazan heavy and the individuals in the Malazan Army keep you entertained. The suspense builds and stakes begin to come into focus as a character named Fiddler does a reading from the Deck of Dragons and the Bonehunters (a major portion of the Malazan Army) direct their attention to a new destination, across a desert called the Wastelands.

Along the way we check in with various armies seemingly converging together for something enormous. The build works far better than the build for the convergence in Toll the Hounds and the last three chapters are Erikson at his best. The only thing preventing me from having this book higher on the list is this book not completely standing on its own, but for what it is trying to be it’s incredibly entertaining.  And it sets up the incredible conclusion (The Crippled God) in every way.

(Felan’s Rescue Available in all formats August 19, 2022. E-book Preorders Available now)

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